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MMM BEEFY | #AnswerinStuff

This week’s Answerin’ Stuff episode is chock full of your daily recommended serving of nerdy!

I asked you guys what you always wanted to know about vegetables and some of the responses I got from Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr were some of the things I decided to include in the video.

In the episode I help you give no shits about the pronunciation of a fruit, teach the importance of sunscreen at the beach by bad example, belch, show off my sunburn and shock you with something you’re not expecting I bet at all.

Here’s a spoiler GIF and also me pretending to vomit:

MMM BEEFY via @shuggilippo

GIFs from #AnswerinStuff Episode 21 on

GIFs from #AnswerinStuff Episode 21 on

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