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My Bum Loves the Yum

My Bum Loves the Yum

Post brought to you by POM. (That means they paid me some monies, yo. Don’t freak out.)

Do you ever take a sip of something and then immediately do a dance like you’re the best dancer on the planet and everyone agrees because when something delicious happens there’s no stopping your body’s rhythmic reaction?

Well I recently experienced that when I got a taste of the new POM Wonderful flavors: Hula, Coconut & Mango. This trio also makes up The Yum Bunch which is a hilarious marketing approach to introducing new flavors if you ask me. I mean, you didn’t ask me, but I’m telling you it’s hilariously genius.

I mean I’m always a friggin’ sucker for any brand willing to spoof one of my MTV obsession shows from back in the day:

The flavorsplosion that happened in my mouth also happened to ignite something in my funny bone. With POM giving life and character to the three new flavors, I immediately thought of two quotes I could totally see Hula and Mango saying all smug and confident like if bottles of delicious juice were capable of speaking human English words and not terrifying me for the rest of my life.

After the tang and subtle sweetness of the pomegranate and pineapple blend in Hula, it only seemed fitting that this is the one of the trio that only listens to vinyl, rides a fixie, and works at a vintage furniture shop. And we shall call him Hipster Hula:

My Bum Loves the Yum

Then there was Mango. Oh sweet, sweet Mango with your crispness. So crisp I was like, “Am I eating a crisp or is this bottle of juice just that good?!” Spoiler alert: The bottle is just that good. Which only makes sense that I pictured this flavor putting the ‘man’ in mango, rasta-style:

My Bum Loves the Yum

POM Yum Bunch
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