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Young Summer “Taken”

Clearly I’m on an electro-pop kick recently and I’m certain you should be okay with that.

Because this stuff is good.

Real good.

For instance this track, Taken, by Young Summer. Well, I mean, take it from me once you get past the initially crippling want for that large-sequined tunic she’s wearing in the video. Hell, the entire wardrobe for this video is super on point. But more than the textile eye candy envy we’ve unexpectedly found ourselves suffering from, let’s talk about that echoing synth?! It makes me want to say, “COME ON AND BE MY LOVER, SONG!” I’m a great cuddler and I think it would be very happy here.

What’s even more exciting is that Young Summer is releasing her first full album, Siren, on August 26th. Which clearly includes this track and eleven others that I’m surer than sure you’re going to fall as madly in love with as Taken.

And for those of you lucky enough to be in Los Angeles, she’ll be playing a show at The Hotel Cafe on September 24th that I’d highly recommend you snagging a ticket or two for HERE. Because any voice that sounds like that will sound 100 times more wonderful & warm live. And if you don’t live in Los Angeles, check out the few other dates she has on the calendar HERE.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to wander the desert with a kaleidoscope. If you don’t hear from me in twelve days, I’m probably trying to make a kick ass music video. And it’s not working. Send Nutter Butters. This could be a while.

Happy Weekend, Worms!

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