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Wish I Was Here Kickstarter Campaign

One More Day, A Lifetime of Impact

I see you there. You’re thinking to yourself, “Wow, Jess. What’s the deal with that ever-raging boner you have for Zach Braff’s Wish I Was Here film project?”

I’ll stop you already because you’re asking me the wrong question. Sure, I’m incredibly Lloyd-standing-outside-of-Diane’s-with-a-boombox about the film project as its own entity, but more than that, I’m completely smitten with the social revolution that is coming out of it.

Beyond the industry shift for film creation (bypassing traditional project funding from major studios and striking out “independently” with help from 40K+ of your biggest supporters), the project is taking the definition of widespread social/digital support to a whole new level.

So far in the past thirty days…now let me stop myself here for a second to really drive this home. Everything I’m about to list to you has happened in one single month so I encourage you to imagine the impact the continuation of approaching any sort of project in a similar manner in the future could have…

So far in the past thirty days, great music has been supported, talented graphic designers have been supported, incredible humorists have been supported, narrowly familiar skillsets have been supported.

Now as someone who has done her fair share of grunt work over the past half decade in terms of educating “old dogs” on the immense and exciting exposure potential of shifting your message and supplementing it digitally, I’ve found myself learning something way more important than the importance of “being at the party”. More than ever, the authenticity and transparency of not only acknowledging, engaging and appreciating the support of an amass of people, but additionally the snowball or ripple effect of paying it forward that ZB has focused himself on, perfectly embodies an incredibly positive shift. It diffuses the skewed mentality that “there are more of them than me, so it’s okay for me to just sit back and reap the benefits of that support while I focus all my energy on this thing of mine they helped make possible”.

This whole thing that started from one idea, now exemplifies an ecosystem of universal support, regardless of the size of your individual footprint. And last I checked, no one qualified my worth by the number on the sole of my shoe. It’s always been in how I work the shit out of those kicks.

These size nines want you to take a peek behind the curtain and get to know another moving part of this particular project; concept artist, Colin Fix:

And now I’m going to poke you with a stick to become a part of something bigger than a film project. In the next 24 hours, give money if you can give money. For the rest of forever, share any part of the process with your voice if any part speaks to you. But most importantly…

Keep making footprints.

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