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Wish I Was Here Teaser

It has been such a journey to get to the point where I’m publishing an official, really real, teaser trailer for Wish I Was Here.

Exciting and emotional only begin to describe the process that started what seems like forever ago, but, in reality, was not even a year ago.

Personally, we’d just made the biggest life decision to date by uprooting and relocating to Los Angeles and then the world of film followed suit 10 days later. I mean, call it fucking destiny, but I’d much rather call it symbiosis (with much more kitten taint than two little organisms kickin’ it in a petri dish…I blame that part on Zach…naturally).

Now it’s happening. I mean it’s definitely been happening, but now we have the green light to be collectively and openly aroused, walking the streets of whatever city we live, with raging boners of all shapes and sizes because we made this. Together. AND NOW THE ENTIRE WORLD GETS TO ENJOY IT THIS SUMMER!

Are you a backer? A closet supporter? An angsty antagonist? Completely indifferent because who the fuck cares this much about a movie?

Let me know where you stand in the comments. And by that I obviously mean, please list the number of pre-release tickets you plan on purchasing to see the film. That would be great information to have and also so I can send you a sweet pillow to rest your head upon nightly made from only the finest taint hairs of the most adorable kittens in the entire world.

I’ve got to do something with this kitten farm Kickstarter I invested in last summer…

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