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Wish I Was Here Kickstarter Campaign

Wish I Was Here To Kickstart Your…

Alright so maybe that’s not the best title in the universe for this post, but when you’re excited by something that comes on your radar and have an embarrassing affinity for making post titles into punned song lyrics…well…here we are kids.

I know the internet is sexy and new and shiny and vastly underestimated (still? I mean, we’re really still doing that to poor not-so-little internet over here? ::motions erratically at the computer screen::), but it’s powerful. Insanely powerful.

So powerful, it moves me to my pocketbook (because I’m a grandmother in my other life) to support phenomenal evolutions in the entertainment industry. I mean, that sounds, I didn’t buy grandma porn on the internet or anything. On the contrary, Kickstarter made it easy for me to support Zach Braff creating grandma porn on the internet. Sort of. Okay let’s start over…

We all loved Garden State. I especially loved Garden State. The story, the art direction, good god that soundtrack. Wish I Was Here serves as the pseudo-sequel to Garden State; another life period with its own story to tell and less BALLS on foreheads. Maybe. I haven’t seen the script.

Well, let me have Zach tell you more about the project and how you can not only help fund the project but have the opportunity for him to play a good old fashioned game of thigh chicken with you at one of the premieres:

Since I’m a firm supporter of the freedom of bringing creative visions to life (& thigh chicken with ZB), I’m urging you to check out the project, be inspired, and support however you’re able. It does amazing things for all of us when we support even one person striving to do the same thing.

Let me sexy this up by making it even easier for you to track the project. I’ve added a fancy schmancy sidebar widget for you over thereabouts. ::points to the right::

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