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Whole Foods Market Salad Day

Salads Are for Rabbits and Rodents and Our Children | #WFMSaladDay

Salads Are for Rabbits and Rodents and Our Children | #WFMSaladDay

Food and I have quite the majestic relationship. I really, really, enjoy eating foods of all kinds and typically err on the side of something with a leafy base.

Salad, guys. I’m talking about salad here, alright?! Additionally I have myself a sometimes-picky-as-shit-but-still-sweet little human being that I yearn to have mirror my love affair with delicious salad.

Whole Foods Salad Day Infographic

Now that Dylan is school-age, where school-age is less elementary level and more pre-kindergarten and OH MY GAH WHEN DID WE ARRIVE AND DO YOU VALIDATE PARKING, SIR?! I’m sorry, wait, what? Right. So Dylan goes to school now and it’s that phase of life where you, as a parent, are faced with the duty of balancing how often your child would rather just eat a loaf of bread than expand his horizons and the concept of him now doing so under the supervision of other human adult figures. Though, the thing to remember about Dylan is that he would just as easily spend zero brain power shoveling carbs and gluten into his face hole as he would meticulously contemplating and creating a salad…if that option were at his disposal. And to be perfectly honest, I’d rather have a whole kid, hopped up on bread AND salad, than to have half a kid. I mean, could you imagine trying to buy that half-kid underpants or A shoe.?! Ooph! No thank you.

The best part about this desire to mold Dylan into a higher functioning member of society via his food choices, is that Whole Foods totally agrees with my logic….in a roundabout sort of way.

Not only does the Whole Kids Foundation exist, but they have this ingenious Let’s Move Salad Bars to School initiative that equally blows my mind and lights a fire for me to put the puzzle together and make. that. happen. for all the kids, everywhere. We get lucky here too because, are you sitting down for this, tomorrow, Sunday, September 9th, Southern Pacific region stores (SoCal, Hawaii, Arizona, & Vegas) will be playing host to the “Eat Your Greens to Give Some Green” fundraiser by donating $1 for every pound of food purchased at their salad and hot food bars to get salad bars into schools. For me and my crew, we will be loading up in the car and heading to our local Whole Foods Market to participate, and I hope dearly that you’ll find your local Whole Foods Market to do the same. The process is simple really:

Damn, You Fine! Print:

I had the pleasure of working with Whole Foods Market on this initiative and while I did receive compensation for the guts of it, the support and sentiment behind amplifying these monumental efforts is all my own. Straight from my guts. Additionally, no children, half or whole, were harmed in the creation of this content. I figured you should know that, MOM.

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