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White Male Black Comic Happy Chick

White Male Black Comic Happy Chick

White Male Black Comic Happy Chick via @shuggilippo

It’s no surprise that a chick like me would be impressed to share the hilarity of other comedians with guys and girls like you. After all, it’s laughter that makes the world act less like complete fucking lunatics.

In two days, one of the most remarkable improv stand-ups in the game will be premiering his Comedy Central special, White Male Black Comic. That’s right, I’m talking about Chris D’Elia.

You can catch the king of crowd-play (Not cosplay, you nerds. Although I’m sure he’d dress up like Drake probably if there were a ComiCon for dope dudes.) when his special airs Friday, December 6th on Comedy Central. The one-hour special includes bits about drunk girls, bears that love Applebee’s, and British dudes and their uncanny ability to make women’s panties disappear into thin air.

Mad bonus doses of Chris’ comedy for those of you that live in the Los Angeles area. You can catch him doing live stand-up at The Comedy Store and The Laugh Factory in Hollywood pretty much all the time. And I’ll tell you from first hand experience, it’s worth every two-drink minimum I’ve ever been obligated to drink. Every. One.

Also? You can pre-order the special on Amazon HERE. If you’re like me and want to watch it at-will because you’re the boss of your own life and also have really great brains and fabulous hair and long legs I think you should do it. (Or the opposite of all of those things, but you like owning incredibly hilarious things even though you are horribly out of control of your hair and legs.)

Will you be tuning in? Let me know by tweeting it out HERE.

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