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Weekend Earworm | Fall 2014

Maxence Cyrin “Where Is My Mind” (The Pixies Piano Cover)

I’m a sucker for a good cover song.

But the thing that happens when a hybrid manifestation of a song cover and a drastic genre juxtaposition is more like my entire music soul being sucked into a vortex at maximum velocity.

The Pixies were essentially the masters of psychedelic, space rock back in their hay day. The tunes they churned out are instant earworms all their own. Which means that the moment I stumbled upon the title alone of Maxence Cyrin’s cover of their map-pin hit, Where Is My Mind, I was sold. Then I listened to the thing. And then I listened again. And another time for good measure.

I needed to be certain that the pile of dook in my sweatpants and cocker spaniel grade vomit-citement were justified. They were. You’ll totally agree.

Happy Weekend, Worms!

You can follow the wondrous Maxence Cyrin from these corners of the internet:
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