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The Shelf on the Elf

The Shelf on the Elf

The Shelf on the Elf via @shuggilippo

Take a peek at any corner of the internet this season and you’ll no doubt find an article or twelve dispelling the popularity of the once adored Elf on the Shelf. Like every celebrity, it seems Elfie’s fifteen minutes in the spotlight are nearing their fateful end.

No stranger to the power of people saying they dislike something on the internet, Elfie decided to make a desperate, last-ditch effort to revive his reputation as a hip and relevant guy. He reached out to the editors at Wrapping Paper magazine to see if he could snag the cover for their #BreaktheWinternet issue.

Luckily for Elfie, they said yes.

But will his provocative talent be enough to keep him making snow angels in organic flour and toilet-papering the Christmas tree for years to come?

Or will the world see him for what he really is…

A washed up tradition that simply doesn’t stack up anymore.

UPDATED: It seems that lots of people love the Shelf on the Elf so much, they’re sharing an ugly, uncredited version over on Instagram. To make it easy for you, feel free to share this pretty, full format square version and tag @shuggilippo so I can throw you some Insta-love!

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