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That Awkward Moment

New Trailer Alert: That Awkward Moment via @shuggilippo

My favorite thing ever is being awkward so when I caught wind of Tim Gormican’s That Awkward Moment I was like, “Perfect. A movie just for me.”

Then I read all about how it focuses on three dudes in that awkward dating phase where it’s about time to have a DTR (Determine The Relationship) chat and boner pills. I don’t have to deal with that first part anymore. Oh, right, and the boner pills never applied to me because of my lack of a boner. I still planning on seeing the movie though. After all, Zac Efron is in this thing. And he’s a man now and pretty damn sexy and I’m not sure if it’s creepy that I just said all of that because I probably could have been his babysitter if he weren’t busy growing up as a Disney star.

The film drops in January, so there’s a good chunk of time before you can make this a date night must-do. I recommend taking someone you’ve been madly in love with and committed to for years or maybe even the chick or dude you’re about to DTR with so you don’t have to actually have that conversation. Wow. I bet they didn’t even think that this thing would be anything more than a great way to make self-tanner-on-your-junk jokes. Two birds, one stone, folks.

If you want to pee your pants laughing, you can peep the amazing website for the flick by visiting (I wonder how many unintentional porn-seeker hits that bad boy gets. I bet it’s a lot.) or plug-in to the official Facebook page to get running updates.

Tell me your most awkward dating moment in the comments below!

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