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A Team Up Like Whoa

I don’t want to get all sappy and poetic about the evolution of creating things for the internet, but I’m going to so suck on it.

As content creators, especially those of us who create things to entertain our audiences, a milestone, whether explicitly decided upon at the birth of our site or accidentally stumbled upon, is being recognized by someone or something huge. Sometimes that’s a celebrity following you back on Twitter and sometimes it’s getting a phone call from a globally recognized brand.

The first thing has happened to me often enough that I’m jaded by it like a spoiled asshole should be.

The other thing happened back in December.

Whether my phone rang that day by coincidence, wizardry of the majestic universe, Jesus’ super powers or a friend who I’m now eternally indebted to for connecting us, the past four months have been nothing shy of the most professionally exhilarating and ultimately game changing experience of my life.

I’m spearheading something huge with Red Bull (yes, that Red Bull) and we’re finally ready to set this puppy free.

A Team Up Like Whoa via @shuggilippo

Earlier last year, the fine folks over at Red Bull HQ hatched a plan to expand their renowned, lifestyle-centered brand into the comedy world. Much like their existing digital presence, we’ve worked hard to develop a place for humor-based creatives to not only be inspired, but also to be showcased. In addition to a super sexy web experience, I thought it would be really awesome if we promoted this shiny new arm of the brand by releasing a limited edition novelty can with my name on it. Naturally.

Honestly, I have had such a fucking blast working with the Red Bull team. Lucky enough for me, the people I’ve worked with the closest mirror my work joy and haven’t been afraid to share that in the press releases.

“It’s been an extraordinary and refreshing experience working with Jessi to build a humorous space into the Red Bull brand that not only innovates, but manages to excel beyond the boundaries we’ve pushed with our marketing in the past.”

-Amy Taylor, Vice President, Marketing – Red Bull North America

All of the schmoopy crap aside, I’d totally love for you to hop over and check out what we’ve been pouring our blood, sweat, tears and enabled coffee addictions into.

So tell me, does JessBull give you wings?

Or diarrhea?

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