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Totes Teagarita Party

Totes Teagarita Party

Totes Teagarita Party

Summertime is all about getting together with close friends and, for some grown ups, that means themed parties centered completely around a delicious adult beverage.

And such is the case with Typhuhknee, who fancies herself a tutorial queen and hostess with the mostest. So when she caught wind of Jose Cuervo’s Iced Teagarita, let’s just say she went a little bit freakin’ bonkers with the idea…

Totes Teagarita Party #CuervoTeagarita

Typhuhknee is contagious.

But not in the way that you should probably steer clear of her scratches and sneezes. Rather she’s contagious in that she manages to attract some pretty out of the ordinary friendships.

Take for example her super cool, touring musician friend, Joan.

Joan was able to swing by before her gig the night of the party and found herself skipping the utterly adorable mason jars with kitschy paper straws Typhuhknee had prepared for her guests and decided to hit the good stuff straight from the bottle. No one really batted an eye though, considering the featured beverage is ready-to-serve. I mean, could you imagine Joan walking around with ALL OF THE BOTTLES you’d need to make an iced tea, tequila, orange liqueur, lime margarita concoction?!

Basically, Joan’s a badass. And very smart.

Totes Teagarita Party #CuervoTeagarita

Then there’s Typhuhknee’s adorable neighbor, Francine, who lives alone.

Well if you consider “alone” an appropriate term to use for someone who has a habit of making dream boards from gossip magazines and collecting cats. Francine doesn’t get out much, but when she does, she’s sure to be super socially awkward and not photogenic in the slightest. Everyone still loves her though because she’s a very practical human being.

Albeit, still obsessed with acid washed jeans and adult pigtails.

Oh, Francine.

All in all, everyone left the party totes in love with the new Jose Cuervo Iced Teagarita. And rumor has it they all scurried off to follow Jose Cuervo on Facebook for recipes and other fun stuff.

(My money’s on Francine having liked their page after writing a G-rated fan fic about her two favorite cats.)


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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