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Trailer Alert: Tammy


I’ve often expressed my strong (and seemingly ironic/unpopular) opinion that I’m harder to convince that females in comedy are side-splittingly hilarious.

Melissa McCarthy though? This woman’s timing, cadence & physical delivery of humor is unmatchable. Her role in last summer’s hit, The Heat, complemented by her co-star, Sandra Bullock, was…I mean…there are so few words to describe her performance, but if I had to choose one it’d undoubtedly be legendary.

Now if her role in this summer’s surefire blockbuster, Tammy, is anything close (I’m talking even if it was poking from a distance of a few oceans and a continent), you’ll be able to find me in the hole I’ve built to house how much I love this woman’s talent.

McCarthy plays the role of Tammy, a woman having a terrible day whose only option is to recruit her grandma Pearl, played by the illustrious Susan Sarandon, to help her with her financial and transportation misfortunes and her itch to escape it all. To Niagara Falls. It looks like a classic case of “only in the movies” bad luck paired with the wisdom of our elders wrapped in a warm tortilla of hilarity. My kind of burrito.

The film’s set to hit theaters on July 2nd (happy early birthday to me!) and you can follow the fun on Google+ and Facebook. And you know how much I love GIFs so you know that when I say you should check out the official website for some hilarious GIFs, you should probably just go ahead and do that.

Is this one you’ll be escaping the summer heat to enjoy while hoovering an extra buttery bag of popcorn?

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