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The Time I Took Oprah's Advice

The Time I Took Oprah’s Advice

This is the post where I reveal two things:

1) I am not an Oprah fan. I don’t disagree with any of her philanthropic work, I just don’t idolize her like most.

2) I took her advice.

Remember close to about a decade (or two) ago when Oprah said that you don’t have to wait on a man to buy you a diamond? If you want a diamond, go get your diamond. Very materialistically empowering to the female population if I do say so myself. I, for one, have been empowered, to a degree.

I call this thing on my left ring finger an Interim Ring.

Promise ring is for kids in middle school and is usually given to a girl by that boy in homeroom with the least pre-pubescent acne.

I got this beauty for myself because I want to proclaim that I’m spoken for, devoted to another, untouchable, unwavering, promised & faithful. The ring and the finger in which it’s placed signifies something greater and sacred to our society. Who’s to say I have to wait until a party is thrown or a piece of paper is signed to proclaim that I’ve found the one? Why should I have to wait when I already wash his underwear and share in nurturing a family under the same roof?

The good thing is he told me to get the one I like most…a year ago. I’m just now putting it on. It appears as though I had some big girl panties I wasn’t quite ready to slip into. These things are huge but I refuse to let that intimidate me. I’ll just wear a tightly-fastened, braided belt to keep ‘em up as I grow into them fittingly. No doubt I’ll look spiffy, if I don’t already.

Now all the lesbians at Dollar Tree won’t hit on me.

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