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Spring Break + Big Projects // The Shugg Life via

Spring Break + Big Projects // The Shugg Life

Listen! I love the crap out of my kid, but hot damn spring break this year was LOOOOONNNNNG now that first grade = longer school days. We had a blast taking it easy and doing a bunch of time-inside-stuffs like video games, reading, board games and watching fun movies. (And yeah. We did do one night at Disneyland. ::shrugs::) I feel like I can power out my makeup routine even faster now that I’m not just tossing all my stuff into a pink metal bucket. And holy smokes on these video projects for my main channel. A whole bunch of work, but that’s the best part about a sexy final product. Always.

Keep an eye out here for the big reveal next Friday, April 17th. And…squee!

So much tomfoolery!
We get up to some crazy and emotional and occasionally mundane adventures on The Shugg Life channel.

Little Boy: Confirmed
Very few things can paint the picture of having a son like a list of GIFs from the internet.

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