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So Long Sweet Summer

So Long Sweet Summer

As back to school sneaks up faster than a pup on a dropped slab of meat, I’m left to wonder where the time went and also where it’s about to go.

This summer has been one of the most exceptional periods of growth I’ve experienced in my entire life. I recall fondly the moments where accomplishments of any degree would feel like leaps and bounds, catapulting me into the far-off, distant galaxies I’d read only of in astronomy books. Like tsunami size waves with the furthest thing from wreckage and devastation left in their wake. But much like a tide, there were also patches of time where the successes would ebb, leaving a pattern of defeat and discouragement.

I suppose there was something leaving bread crumbs behind them for a while now, but I was so busy answering to something on a pedestal that I’d forgotten to occasionally look down to be sure I was standing in the right spot. The reverse vertigo finally encouraged me to take a few deep breaths and a few deeper plunges into a destiny that was delayed for far too long.

It was time for me to create freely and honestly and without considerations so trivial you’d think I was the all-reigning Trivial Pursuit champion of the world. Which I am not. In case you were unclear about that hyperbole I used right there.

The moment I made the decision to pursue my impassioned creative was the moment all of the pieces were falling into place. One by one, they began to form the puzzle that was meant to occupy my dining room table and not someone else’s. A puzzle that’s shaping up to look like pure joy, a happier, healthier family, and an overall sense of unspeakable growth.

So Long Sweet Summer

In the few short months I’ve been actively working toward the personal and professional dreams I’ve dreamed for dreams upon dreams (from the department of redundancy department.), I’ve created a delightedly infectious YouTube series, a rich community of wonderfully diverse peers, a compelling video highlighting the very important somewhere I first called home on the internet and am working tirelessly to help some of my absolute favorite people bring their deserved dreams to life.

I know that no one’s path is perfect. There will be times that these waves will leave me wrestling seaweed off my leg and sputtering out gobs of saltwater, but to know that when I regain my footing and stare out into the vast ocean, the endlessness of possibility will brace me to ride the next one all the way to shore.

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