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Sleighed | #AdventuresInElfing via

Sleighed | #AdventuresInElfing

Jingles and Sprinkles finally get to meet Santa.

In the third episode in the holiday elf parody series, #AdventuresInElfing, Jingles, played by yours truly, and Sprinkles, played by Amy Bellgardt of MomSpark, get the chance to meet the big man in red for the first time.

Is he everything they ever dreamed he would be?

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The final episode will run tomorrow, Friday, December 25th, for when you need to have some moments with or without your family.

Watch the first episode, Dog Gone Egg Nog, where the elves come face-to-face with their worst fears.

Watch the second episode, Epic Road Flip, where the elves head home for the holidays.

See more behind the scenes and extras at

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