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Weekday Earworms

Sleeping at Last “Turning Page”

Now I know that there are going to be a large majority of you who get a Twi-hard-on over me posting this video because OHMYGAHBREAKINDDAWNSHEFINALLYLOVESTWILIGHT, and, no. Just. No. I vaguely remember this song from the one Twilight movie I will ever see in a movie theater. I’m totally stoked that it will stay that way. Mkay?

We already know how hard music rocks my core and this song is no different.

It transcends the beauty and innocence of pure love. Of the connections we make with the people who help us write our stories. Sometimes we find ourselves smack dab on the pivotal page of a Choose Your Own Adventure forced to make a decision, while at other times we revel in the majesty of being a lead character in an infinite series.

Happy Monday, freaks. Enjoy.

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