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Similac Smart Moms App Review

Similac Strong Moms App

Similac Strong Moms App Review

Alright so I just finished fiddling around with the Similac Strong Moms app on the iPad and…WOW! I’m going to preface the following amazement with how much I wish something like this existed when I had Nugget.

First off it’s an app which makes things loads easier than writing it down with a pen and paper that I would lose constantly might lose if that were the route I opted to take.

The little sister just gave birth to Baby Abigail yesterday, and her favorite auntie in the entire world of aunties (yours truly in case you were lost) will be taking care of her after she and her husband need to return to work. Now, this app is amazing because it will help me to keep Abby on the schedule that Val & Eric get her onto before I take over for a few hours a day.

The app itself is essentially a #babyjournal. After you set up your baby’s profile, the features are designed to keep track of the essentials of new babyhood. I’m just going to highlight each of the features because, there’s too much to get excited over to just list them off.

Breast Feeding Journal

The breast feeding feature offers a simple way to keep track of which breast you began with during a feeding and how long the baby fed. That’s pretty fabulous.

Bottle Feeding Journal

I’ll be getting some good use out of this feature when I have Baby Abby. My sister hopes to pump to have a stock of breast milk while she’s away. This tracks how long it took the baby to feed as well as how many ounces she fed and when.

Diaper Changes

With three options to choose whether the baby was wet (1), wet & BM(1/2) or just a BM (2) I foresee as a key tool. With any BM diaper, there are options to indicate the consistency and coloration. Great tip on perhaps catching ailments or relaying information to the pediatrician during the newborn check up parade.

Sleep Patterns

With this feature you can track at what time of day or night the baby went down and when they woke. Great for the schedule-oriented new parent.

All features include a section for additional notes and most pages have the telephone number for feeding assistance at the foot of the page. There are also links incorporated into the app to the Similac Strong Moms community and FAQ.

I’m impressed.

**I received monetary compensation from the quaking uteri over at Collective Bias to check out the Similac Strong Moms Baby Journal application. Even if there weren’t an expressed incentive involved, I was pleased to be turned onto the app to help with watching over my newborn niece. I appreciate the opportunity and in no way was my opinion swayed.

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