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Now You Can Buy Crap Here! | SHUGGILIPPO Shop Launch

Now You Can Buy Crap Here!

Now You Can Buy Crap Here!


I can’t even believe it’s finally here, errbody…the official launch of the SHUGGILIPPO Shop!!


If you’ve seen me in person anytime in the past three weeks, you’ll have noticed a general disheveled spice to my physical person. You were probably also sure to breathe through your mouth because there’s no time to shower when you’re bringing merchandise to life and that aroma will sting even the Steven Seagal-est of nostrils.

I’m kicking things off around here with a design that will help you showcase your internet nerdiness without plastering the most commonly annoying text speak across your chest or the chests of your children.

I present to you The LOL Morse Tee.

I’m offering this first design on four different product styles and seriously couldn’t be more pleased with the super comfy quality of the tee I got myself to make sure I wasn’t selling total horse dung to my friends, family, fans and foes. (People “hate-buy” their enemy’s merch, right? That’s a thing that happens?)

I guess the only thing left to say is GO HERE and buy something??


**Oh yeah. I’ll never, ever charge you guys for shipping on anything I sell here in this place either. Ain’t that the shit?!

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