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Shower More Efficiently

Shower More Efficiently

Shower More Efficiently

Are you tied to your smartphone?

Do you just have to have that thing with you wherever you go?

In this household, it’s generally understood that getting out the door, or dinner on the table, or dressed in the morning will have an extra bit of “consumption padding” time tacked on to the beginning, middle, and end of successfully doing that activity.

We are a tech-driven family which means we need to have access to our devices at all times.

Even (or especially, depending on who you’re asking here) in the shower.

Okay so maybe that video is a slight exaggeration of how it goes under this roof when it comes to showering. And also the type of parties you’ll find me attending.

But in all honesty, that nüüd case by LifeProof is sexy and really could go with you everywhere. Not to mention…YOU’RE TOUCHING THE ACTUAL FREAKING SCREEN! Now maybe it’s my obsession with always “touching the screen” or the fact that the ACTUAL FREAKING SCREEN is being splashed and dunked and drowned in water and not a single thing is happening to your phone, but either way I’m sure that if you could marry a smartphone case, the nüüd and I would be in Sandals, Jamaica on our honeymoon right now. Shoot, I’d probably be writing this post on my iPhone while I snorkeled and also touching THE ACTUAL FREAKING SCREEN!

Damn, You Fine! Print:

 I received an iPhone 5 nüüd case for review from LifeProof. All opinions are my own and yes that is my shower and yes that is my adorable child at the end of the video and yes I would marry a smartphone case and yes I’m available to make incredible things like this for you right here. You just have to ask.

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