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Since, for some of us, the days of over-consuming green beer from the second we wake up on St. Paddy’s day are a distant memory, I thought it may be fun, while we’re left to drown ourselves in neon green cupcake frosting and imaginative leprechaun play, to win a consolation prize for our newfound lameness.

Obviously I’m talking directly to my fellow parents of small/school-aged children, but really this is a giveaway for everyone. Especially considering that those of you doing Leprekegstands will probably need a change of clothes by 10am anyway.

Share Shirts, Get Lucky Giveaway at

I’ve created a festive green version of my new LOL Morse Tee and I want to give it to someone because I’m feeling like we could all use a little spontaneous luck in our lives these days. Even mondo millionaires and people who ‘have it all’ could be jazzed about a free t-shirt. Let’s not kid ourselves about that fact. It’s human nature to want free t-shirts. ::cites completely bogus research study conducted by Yale::

It’s real simple and no one needs to bikini wrestle in a kiddie pool of green Jell-O to win.

Although if you decided to do something like that and slap it up on Vine or Instagram, I’d send you three of these limited green versions of The LOL Morse Tee immediately.

Dead serious.

That’s commitment and I’m a big supporter of people willing to commit to something that will definitely make them look like a mega lunatic.

All you really have to do though is tell people that I’m selling shit now. That’s it. And you don’t even have to say ‘shit’ if swearing ain’t your jam.

May the lucky spirit of St. Paddy be ever in your favor!

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Giveaway open from Monday, March 17th through Friday, March 21st.

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