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In clearing out the decorations from the holidays, we decided to tackle the bins and bins of junk and oddball keepsakes to consolidate and purge. Little did I know that I was about to unearth the most hilarious collection of my writing journals and essay projects from elementary school through high school. Naturally, the immediate application for such a discovery would be for me to read them to the internet.

So here is the first in what I hope will be a series of dramatic readings, reactions to and re-enactments of my old journals.

And here’s the transcript of that glorious piece of literature, as-is, hideous errors and run on sentences and all:

Chapter 4: School Bells

I started to go to school in kindergarten at Veora E. Johnson Elementary School. My teacher was Ms. Pipkin and I loved her a lot because she was my first real schoolteacher and she was especially nice. When I moved into my house before entering kindgergarten, I became close friends with my next-door neighbor, Brittany. We were in practically all of the same classes throughout elementary school. In first grade, my teacher was Mrs. Morris. One time, I was riding the bus home and I had fallen asleep and Brittany was supposed to make sure that I got off of the bus with her. Well, she didn’t notice that I was asleep and decided she would just get off of the bus without me and I ended up back at Johnson where my mom picked me up. Also, there was a little girl in my class who had diabetes. Her name was Megan Biggs and she is now one of my close friends. Her dad came in one day and gave us all eye patches like Megan had to wear because the diabetes had taken away her eyesight. We went on a trip to the zoo that year too and my dad came along. In second grade, my teacher was Mrs. Goldsworthy. On the first day of second grade, it was a total disaster…at least it was for me! The night before the first day, I had gotten a spider bite directly on my eyelid and my eye was completely puffy. Also, once I got the the classroom, I came to find that Mrs. Goldsworthy wasn’t going to be their for the first week of school so I had a substitute and then no one played with me on the playground because my eye was all weird an I wouldn’t even have played with me! Well, it all got better when third grade started. I had an older sister who went to the same school as me. I ended up getting her third grade teacher as mine. Once I got Mrs. Siren I found out that she was my friend Megan’s grandmother!! I also found out that she lived right across from my mom’s boss who we always visited. I soon became close friends with her and her husband. One time during class, my older sister was helping Mrs. Siren and I got sick so I had Sandi, my older sister, bring me up to the office and call our mom and dad to pick me up. I was even presented with an honors breakfast because I had gotten on the gold honor roll all of first semester. I made a whole bunch of friends at Johnson, some who have moved away, and some who I still know and hang out with to this day. Trials and tribulations was what my elementary school years were all about but once the end of sixth grade neared, I prepared my self to take-on a whole new world.

Have you held onto your old journals and school work?
Would you ever dare share them on the web?

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