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I am pictured below in a women’s large of the #partyplane shirt. I am also 5’10 and have a 2 foot torso. If you order, order two sizes up from what you normally wear (aka completely squash any last remaining shred of self esteem you have about your body image) or just order a men’s small and share the chocolate you would have binged on over what your shirt tag reads on the plane with me next Wednesday. Honky. Dory. 

According to the ticker over there on the right sidebar*, at this very moment in time, there are a mere 7 days 11 hours and 12 minutes until I am on a plane to JFK from LAX.

The official #partyplane to BlogHer ‘10 in NYC that is. Order your shirt now! (basically so I don’t look like the only overzealously enamored passenger on Virgin America flight 404 at 7am on a Wednesday)


*The ticker is when I leave Phoenix for LA…so I had to add a day to not terrify confuse everyone leaving with me on the 4th.

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