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People are Plorps. Plorps are People via

People are plorps. Plorps are people.

Michael, the brilliant mind behind Plorp Thoughts on Instagram, laughs in reply to my calling him brilliant and claims he is “just a guy in a band that thinks funny things sometimes and decided to make it a point to start writing them down.”

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Like many of us, Michael grew up reading comic strips in the back of the newspaper which ultimately became the generational gateway drug to appreciating visually captivating, short form statement pieces.

“Calvin and Hobbes always resonated very deeply with me. If I remember correctly, I was gifted a large Calvin and Hobbes collection when I was in middle school. I had no idea that there was so much that I hadn’t read yet!! I finished that one and immediately bought another. And another. And another. And then I discovered The Far Side. And then it happened all over again. The one frame formatting of most of Larsen’s stuff really struck a cord with me. The fact that he got SO much done with such a small space was definitely a huge inspiration for Plorp Thoughts.”, he shares.

The gravitation toward the simple aesthetic of black line illustration and white space came from his consumption of the Rolling Stone strip “Get Your War On”. “The thing that always got me about that strip was the fact that all of the images were standardized. Simple, mechanical, black and white drawings of white collar workers sitting at there desks having conversations about politics, social interactions, etc. But each month, the characters were always in the EXACT same position. I liked that guy’s writing so much that it almost gave the characters motion and expressions.”, Michael tells my inbox as I nod so hard in agreement and shared experience I nearly cause a crick in my neck. He goes on to share that he “even taped one of those strips to the back of one of my guitars in college.”

I asked Michael which of his illustrations were his favorites and after responding that “some of my favorite Plorp Thoughts are almost exact quotes or scenarios from my daily interactions with the world. People are plorps. Plorps are people.”, these are the ones he fired at me:

It begins. Accidentally. Sort of.

The very 1st Plorpthought from about five years ago. #bro #Plorpthoughts #tbt

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“This is the very first Plorp thought. About four years before I ever even knew it would be a thing.”

A character is born.

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“The first appearance of ‘John’, who’s basically just a punching bag. Most of the time he’s me. Sometimes he’s other people. He doesn’t always look the same, but he’s definitely got a specific vibe. He’s kinda stupid, but he’s working on it.”

Out loud laugh worthy.

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“This is a fan favorite and it literally made me laugh out loud when I finished drawing it. Plus, no dialogue is always so much easier.”

Naturally I can’t resist the temptation to toss a few of my favorites into the mix too.

Legendary Rocker + Plorp = Plorpcon.

#frankzappa #zappa #plorpthoughts #babysnakes

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There are a handful of wonderfully simple plorps Michael has created that pay a minimalist homage to some of pop culture’s most iconic people including the likes of Frank Zappa and Walter White to Yoda and Louis C.K.

Every inch of you is every inch of you.

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I recently reposted this particular plorp on my own Instagram because of how non-intrusively inspirational and resonating it is. I think especially in this fast-paced, internet-based world we live in, it’s tough to fit into the box of the one thing people can easily identify you as. This took a sharp left turn into Deepshitville…

A clusterplorp worthy of a t-shirt.

#cluster #plorpthoughts

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You know me and my obsession with funky, badass t-shirts. I’d rock a black tee with this cluster of plorps all over it in a heartbeat. And then I’d make everyone who asked me about it order one immediately for themselves.

And while Michael tells me that he doesn’t currently have merchandise available for purchase (or as he cleverly refers to it, “Plorpandise”), he does have a collection of stickers and 5×5 cardboard prints on hand, but he’s working on getting comfortable with the idea of starting a shop on Etsy. Some day. Because, much like Twitter, he says “that’s another world that confuses me.” For now he plans to continue thinking of Plorp Thoughts and “hopefully making himself laugh more”.

I couldn’t agree more.

Be sure to follow Plorp Thoughts on Instagram. And on Twitter. And on Facebook.

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