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18 Kinds of People Groups that Need to Exist via

18 Kinds of People Groups That Need to Exist

Meeting people is sometimes kinda tricky.

But, fret not, for there are tons of weirdos out there with the same kooky interests as you.

Here are 18 kinds of people groups that need to exist:

1. Elmer’s Glue-All “Hand Glove” Fanatics

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A childhood pastime that needn’t die with your last single-digit birthday. Plus, now that you’re all growed up, you can buy as many bottles of school glue as you friggin’ want to bring to next week’s meetup.

2. Hardcore Nordic Walking Pros

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Casual strolls are for losers. It’s all about rallying up the hip-swivelers for an intense, minimal incline trek.

3. Freelance Selfie Consultants

source / Huffington Post

Sure, you understand the importance of a refined duck face, but other people don’t. Nothing is more therapeutic than hob nobbing to critique horrendous up-angles.

4. Unusually Shaped Soy Candle Collectors

source / imgur

Aunt Edna could never appreciate the true beauty of an artfully crafted wax Mount Rushmore. Luckily there is someone out there dying to show you their Votive of Liberty.

5. Still Life Macaroni Art Aficionados

source / BuzzFeed

There’s no need to hide your giddy joy at little Tommy’s progress with each and every school macaroni art project he brings home, embrace it. Someday it’ll be a great chance to collaborate on a Taylor Swift masterpiece made entirely of rotini.

6. Over-the-Top Loaded Toilet Paper Roll Devotees

source / gifsoup

There are two types of people in this world; people who load the TP properly and crazies. Life’s just better when you can roll your eyes over-the-top with others who know.

7. Movie Credit Animation Style Admirers

source / tumblr

Most people leave as soon as the movie has ended. Don’t sit awkwardly solo, surround yourself with others who are salivating at the chance to stay put until the Dolby logo fades.

8. Gas Station Balloon Animal Artists

source / YouTube

Wouldn’t it be great to connect with others to vent about the shame it is that people are more interested in a lamp heated hot dog than an abstract balloon puppy?

9. Motorized Skateboard Freaks

source / BuzzFeed

Side-eye stares be damned, no one can appreciate your sweet moves like the electric can-can. But maybe they would if they peeped your gang’s rolling human mandala.

10. 8-Bit LEGO Muralist Addicts

source / YouTube

It takes a rare eye to truly see the beauty in a life-size Contra mural. Thankfully there are butt loads of eyeballs on the planet. So there’s hope.

11. Last-Ditch Mall Comeback Tour Groupies

source / YouTube

No arena on the planet can compare to screaming your #1 fan, face off with the swirling aromas of Wetzel Pretzel and Orange Julius nearby.

12. Sweatpants and Boxed Wine Advocates

source / tumblr

Some might call it “Mom’s Group”, while others might call it a lifestyle. If you have kids, cats, or a pulse, these are your people.

13. Digital Pet Breeding Junkies

source / homestarrunner

They say it’s weird. You say “I don’t wanna be normal.”

14. Gluten-Heavy, Super-GMO Closet Zealots

source / giphy

Always refusing the free bread and hiding your wheat-y desires can be exhausting. That’s what secret societies are for.

15. Anti-Side-Brim Baseball Cap Activists

source / imgur

There is only one way to wear a hat.

16. Oversized, Foil-Wrapped Carne Asada Burrito Connaisseurs

source / YouTube

You’re very particular. Deliciously particular. And there are others out there.

17. Thrift Store Faux Fur Coat Hunters

source / tumblr

Poppin’ tags and checkin’ for snags. It’s how your crew keeps their threads on fleek.

18. Stand-Up Comedy Lovers

source / YouTube

You’re the type that loves to laugh and knows that laughing in groups, in the dim light of a comedy club, is the best.

The one thing I was most nervous about in the excitement of moving to a brand new metropolitan area like Los Angeles two years ago, was how the heck I would meet new people. Sure I’m connected to tons of friends and acquaintances on social media, but it was tough to navigate making those real connections because geographic hurdles like living on the other side of the planet from some of them rendered impromptu coffee dates impossible.

And as much as I love the idea of staying in with a good book and a well-loved pair of yoga pants, a girl needs a local social life.

Enter: Blupe.

I’ve been playing around and created a #BlupeGroup to find people with similar interests within a 60-mile radius of my location. Of course it was a no-brainer that I’d spearhead a group of stand-up comedy lovers because, well, it’s what I love. It’s been great to get to know people that share my same passion for laughter in a more intimate environment. It’s also been a remarkably organized way to plan outings and thread on whatever topics tickle our fancy. There is a #BlupeGroup in there for what seems like everyone. And if there isn’t? You’ll be surprised to see how many people start sending join requests when you make it so.

In the greater Los Angeles area and love stand up comedy?
Download Blupe and join my #BlupeGroup!

The dope homies over at Blupe partnered with me to create this launch buzz for their app in exchange for some cash monies. The types of people groups, sweet, motorized skateboard moves and opinions are accurate, but all mine. So neener, neener.

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