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Pedicures + Shopping // The Shugg Life

All of last week as completely about me. And for the best. I’ve been very mindful at taking stock of when I start to feel daunted, overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed and/or depressed and have resolved with Steve (Which, yo dudes! Is mega important to have a support partner to help keep you on top of it!) that when it starts to ramp up, it’s time to dedicate time completely to me. I’ve struggled for years with depression and anxiety, to the point that I was hospitalized a few years ago for a migraine reaction that replicated symptoms of a stroke.

Especially when we become spouses or moms or enter professions where others depend almost explicitly on our ability to take care of things for them, is it important to ramp up that time you spend treating yourself to breaks and activities that give you giggle bumps in your pants.

Two of the things that I enjoy most for me are spending time with friends and pampering (my closet and my person). And, hello, perfect timing that I was invited to a shop crawl at the Outlets at Tejon ( on Saturday. So I went with my friend Victoria. And it was awesome. Obviously.

Why do children have so many birthdays?!

Choose your own adventure time!
I’m about to do a really really fun choose your own adventure road trip starting Tuesday. Add me on Periscope: shuggilippo.

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