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Can’t Get Some Peace (Back to School Parody) feat. Mom Spark

Hooray! The children are finally, pretty much, completely back to school. Now us moms and dads get a chance to clean real proper like and break all the house rules while the young ones are away.

Huge, huge, huge, lovey thanks to Amy at Mom Spark for singing my silly lyrics for me so you didn’t have to listen to a screeching cat for 2 minutes. Definitely go check her out if you don’t know her already.

The Lyrics

Summer break has been the death of me, thank god its had its run.
And my kid he is the best to me, but I can’t get things done.
They say to cherish everything cause they won’t always be young
Yes I know, Duh I know

Hubs told me don’t worry about it
He said hon, just close his, bedroom door
We both know it’s pointless when you shout it
He said don’t you try til you’re alo-oh-one, woo

I can’t clean this place til you’re at school
And I love it, can finally dust it.
And I can’t stuff my face til you’re at school
No healthy grubbin, I regret nothin’

Lunches will be the death of me, cause I can’t make this fun.
Get dressed my god we have to leave, c’mon just wear this one.
All this misery’s unnecessary in the drop off line
Please just go, Hello please go

Friends told me don’t worry about it
Kids know that you miss them when they’re gone.
We both know they’ll have fun without us
Better start to soak up time alo-oh-one, woo

Bras don’t grace my chest when you’re at school
My boobies love it, FedEx guy’s blushin
And I can binge-watch shows when you’re at school
Real Housewives crush it, I’m not above it

I can’t get some peace, til you’re at school
But I love it, But I love it
I can’t get some peace, til you’re at school
But I love it, But I love it
But I love, Ooh

UPDATE: Big thanks to this write up from PopSugar Moms on the video!!

Another huge thanks to the nerds over at BuzzFeed for this one!

AND AGAIN over on HuffPost Parents. Holy cow!

UPDATE 10:23p PST Honest-as-heck I’m flattered to have a feature on TLC.

OMG! MTV! MTV! MTV! I can’t wait to meet Carson Daly on TRL this Friday! Totally amazing spotlight on!

UPDATE 11:35p PST This feature on The Stir had me rolling. Mostly that GIF is my jam.

UPDATE 9:01a PST Huge thanks to friggin’ TODAY Parents for showing some love!

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