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Passenger “Heart’s On Fire”

Oh, Michael David Rosenberg. You slinky, sensual little crooner, you.

If you’re into watching the big sporty ball game every year called the Super Bowls, you may have heard his massive hit, “Let Her Go”, in Budweiser’s adorably moving 2014 ‘Puppy Love’ ad. But this guy has a record of making music that makes the needle of the heart and soul quiver. I triple dog dare you to listen to him sing one note and challenge me on this.

And this week I’m sharing with you my favorite track, “Heart’s On Fire” off his latest record, Whispers. Apparently there are qualities like people digging up their sentimental things from the ground or wandering in the wilderness at a lowered frame rate that is attracting me to videos to share here with you lately.

Until I show you one that’s a piece of horse shit, I’ll carry on with my criteria.

Happy Weekend, Worms!

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