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The One Thing You Always Need to Pack in Your Suitcase

I travel a lot.

Sure, not as much as some, but definitely more than most of the people I know in my own personal circle of friends and family.

Whether it’s for personal travel or business travel, I’ve become accustomed to the unique essentials that should always be in your suitcase.

For example, after my first ever blogging conference back in 2010, me and my wallet realized very quickly the importance of having a luggage scale in your bag at all times to check the weight of your checked bag before you show up to the airport. There’s nothing more embarrassing than being that guy who needs to unpack and shuffle their underpants, blow dryer or extra pairs of shoes to come in under the 50-pound weight limit for checked bags at the counter.

These little numbers are pretty fun to take for a spin, too. I like to think of it as if I’m plopping my suitcase in one of those tension scales in the bulk food or produce department at the grocery store. It’s the little thrills, people.

But I’m not here to tell you about the luggage scale. No I am not. I’m here to tell you about something that is essential to your trip sanity, whether you’re hitting the road or flying the friendly skies.

A mesh laundry bag.

Yes. This is the thing that you need to keep in any suitcase you plan to bring on a trip.

I discovered this hot gem of an idea when I unexpectedly transitioned my entire wardrobe to consist of black clothing. Picking out the clean pieces to wear each day on a 15-day trip became cumbersome. I was doing a lot of sniff roulette to see if what I was grabbing had been worn or not already on the adventure. Some days were more adventurous than others so you can imagine the whammy that came with that roll of the nostril.

I’m already a pretty organized packer. I don’t use packing cubes or anything like that (though I hear they’re great and also that people pack an empty one for the dirty duds to avoid the sniff o’ death) but I do typically try to keep things grouped and separated. When you’re taking your bag in and out of a car or it’s bopping from plane cargo bay to plane cargo bay though, things are bound to shift and mix.

The mesh laundry bag travel hack has been a game changer for me. Putting the used clothing into the bag at the end of each day gives me a great idea on when I might need to do laundry on the road, pick up a cheesy souvenir shirt, or Google the nearest Target because I managed to under pack.

Besides that, the 80s baby in me loves to see the Tetris type contrast of my all-black, used wardrobe in the white mesh bag situated snugly into my suitcase around the clean clothing and my toiletry bag.

So tell me…do you pack a mesh laundry bag in your suitcase every single time you venture out?


The One Thing to Always Pack in your Suitcase via SHUGGILIPPO
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