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Nine Eleven.

Originally published on September 11, 2013 and updated accordingly each year.

It’s been fifteen years since that powerful morning in New York City.

The day when tragedy shook our country like nothing my generation had ever experienced. Something I personally never fathomed witnessing for the duration of my lifetime or that of my future children or grandchildren.

Perhaps I was naive to have this mentality. The mindset maybe attributed to the fact that I was a wee sophomore in high school, but is that really a valid mask to live behind? To not have even the slightest inclination that something of this magnitude, of this devastating capacity could happen only a few thousand miles away? Was it blissful ignorance or a lack of information? Honestly, I’m not sure having the answers to any of those questions would bear a lick of difference.

It was a day just like any other, except for some strange reason my older sister, Sandi, and I didn’t listen to the radio that morning on our way into school. We were religious about our morning radio shows. Today was different. For some strange reason it was different.

Looking back, had I any indication of what I was about to witness, I would not have wanted to go to school for fear I’d miss out on breaking developments in the cause, the counts, the efforts.

As I walked into my Algebra classroom, the TV was on, the students were quiet and my teacher was sobbing. The image on the screen will stay ingrained in my mind for as long as I live. That tower, crumbling like a sand castle to the ground. Straight. To. The. Ground.

My heart stopped.

Oh god. Here comes the second plane.

(It’s gut-wrenching and completely true that a comparable number of tears have been shed as I sit here writing this post as had been shed on that morning, fifteen years ago today.)

Take time to cherish your loved ones more today than you already do on every other.

Be sappy and reverent and hopeful and grateful. With each year we get stronger and the wiser for having endured the ongoing adversities of the world.

Don’t ever forget.

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