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Need For Speed

I suppose now is a great a time as ever to let you guys know what great friends I am with Aaron Paul.

A few weeks ago, to celebrate the upcoming release of the Dreamworks picture, Need for Speed, the stars of the film, including Paul, attended an exclusive screening here in Burbank, CA.

What people didn’t realize is that prior to the event, Aaron called me up to “Kanga” the junket with him.

You’re probably wondering what that exactly means, right? Well, in simple terms, it means I drank this special potion that shrunk me down to a size suitable enough to fit inside the leather jacket Airy (that’s the nickname he loves me to call him all the time instead of his very simple, birth given name) had chosen to wear to the evening’s festivities.

Oh, you don’t believe me?

Well suck on this never before released photograph that serves itself as totally living proof:

Trailer Alert: Need for Speed

And then the other night I attended the after party following the Hollywood premiere where Aaron and I proceeded to have both a karaoke sing-off to classic Carpenter’s songs and then a break dance fight that ended in us breaking the hearts of the rest of the party’s guests more than anything else.

Definitely check out where you can see the movie on March 14th, follow #NFSMovie on the social medias like Twitter and Facebook, and check out the bonus stuff on the official site.

You shouldn’t believe the part about being a baby kangaroo in Aaron Paul’s jacket or the karaoke/break dance fight parts, but all the rest of it is 1,000,000% true. I can’t wait for the movie to come out either.
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