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#MyAmbianceMoment Giveaway

#MyAmbianceMoment Giveaway

More like, #My-Life-Successfully-Fueled-By-Ambiance-For-The-Past-Two-Months-Moment. (chew on that hash Twitter!) Which is less than sporadic moments and seems more like an eternity.

Now, is it just me, or does every other busy woman/mother on the planet find energy to pull themselves through every. single. day. with some sort of caffeinated source of power? I mean, sure, there are the “textbook” sleep, healthy diet, and exercise, but, well, when you suffer from chronic insomnia, chase a toddler up and down stairs seventy-four badrillion times on any given day, and your main source of nutritional intake is chocolate chip cookies, you tend to deplete way more energy than those textbook keys can possibly, and properly, replenish.

Cue my choice in drag me through the rest of the day pick me up: Coffee.

I’m usually a drive-thru kind of gal. Ask anyone that’s ever frequented a Starbucks or Dutch Bros. with me and you’ll quickly learn that I don’t order coffee. I order “abominations to the succulent beauty of coffee”. Sugar, milk, syrup, sugar, ice, sugar. My dentist can attest to the sugar intake. ::ehem cavities ehem::

#MyAmbianceMoment Giveaway

When I first received this amazingly generous basket of Smart & Final’s new line of Ambiance coffee, I abominated. And hard. I busted out my Torani syrups, (naturally) the sugar jar, half & half, flavored creamer, but skipped the ice. It was a brisk seventy-something, Arizona winter day after all. I needed something to warm my soul. The Kona Blend was my go-to for the flavoring of coffee. It has such a rich, crisp, untainted quality to it, I couldn’t help but shove frills and fanfare down its throat.

#MyAmbianceMoment Giveaway

Not to mention I flexed my mad child labor MOTY chops and made let Nugget mix in all the goodies.

Over the course of the upcoming weeks, I had Christmas to shop and continue decorating for (did I mention I bought a 9-foot tree AFTER Christmas, but still insisted on setting the damned thing up?!), a trip to California for The Dirty 30 celebration slash New Year’s Eve, Husfriend’s marathon, family in town for a week, taking down Christmas, and now a third birthday to organize for a  certain Nugget who must have had the dog we don’t own, eat the permission slip he never got, that gave me the power I don’t have, to approve, or more likely disapprove, the “growing up” phase of childhood. Yeah. That’s all happening. But that’s only the slue of extracurricular activities I have on my agenda. This does not include the housekeeping, cooking, working, rearing, relaxing, sleeping, shopping, etc that the these activities are stealing thunder from getting accomplished.

I have a few cups a day of coffee. It’s a habit I’ve tried to kick a few times, but I always fall back into the delicious jolt that a good cup of Joe brings my soul. Blended in just the right way, it can brew up (hardy-har-har) a sense of escape to a blissful place of nostalgia. Yes. All from the consumption of a liquid. Do they have AA for coffee drinkers? Or is that just called The Dentist?
Enough of all the “coffee addiction” mumbo jumbo. I know y’all read Sponsored Giveaway in the post title and are ready for the good stuff. So…how would you love to get your hands on a basket of Ambiance coffee and maybe, ya know, if it’s not too much to give you, $150 Smart & Final gift card? I think that sounds pretty sexy.

Here’s how you enter, yo:

  • Take a picture of yourself (or your hand holding a coffee, or however artistic you’re in the mood to get) showing off the Ambiance (get it?!) when you enjoy your coffee.
  • Email your picture to with subject reading: Look how sexy I am with my coffee!!
  • If you don’t use this subject line, I’ll do nothing to reprimand you, but it will make it more difficult for you to be entered for a chance to win. In other words, don’t make me hunt you down, now.
  • Tweet that same picture with the hashtag #MyAmbianceMoment & mention me (@shuggilippo) for another chance to win.
  • Leave an individual comment for ALL types of entries.
  • If you forget to, don’t worry, I’ll still include you, but what fun would that be having to live a secret, coffee-lovin’ life like that?!
    The contest will stay open until 11am EST on Monday, February 7, 2011. I’m not setting a limit on how many times you enter. Seriously. As long as it’s a new picture each time, you’re in like Flint. I mean, I tweet out a picture of me enjoying some sort of coffee-laden beverage at least twice a day…I’d have 28 entries if I were allowed to participate.

    So go, enjoy your coffee, share your moments, win some great prizes.

    Disclaimer: I got me some coffee and monetary compensation from the caffeine heads over at Collective Bias to host this giveaway. The addiction, faux child labor, and Joe dependency, sadly enough, are all mine. And the unconventional antics? Those are mine too.

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