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It’s another episode of Answerin’ Stuff, manly man meats!

This week I asked you guys and gals what super duper manly things you’ve always wanted to know how to do over on Facebook and Twitter. I’m sad to report that a lot of you consider very typical tendencies of men to be ‘manly’. Term used loosely and whatever I guess. ::shrugs::

In this episode I cover how to grow those sick curly mustaches, pee standing up, poop for three quarters of an hour…apparently I show you what manly men do in the bathroom…

GIF Set for Episode 10 of Answerin' Stuff on Tumblr


I managed to get my hands on enough copies to giveaway to the lot of you whose questions I ended up using from the manly prompt that was inspired by my copy of Gareth May’s How to Drink Snake Blood in Vietnam: And 101 Other Things Every Interesting Man Should Know. Most literally rewarding, run-on sentence I’ve ever typed in my life. And yours.

I’m sure that this book will be umpteen-million times more helpful than and make you look far cooler & uber manlier than this advice I gave you about long-form poopin’ ever will:

And if you weren’t one of The Chosen Six, you can snag a copy for yourself here.

Damn, You Fine! Print: I was provided the books by the pretty little cuties at Ulysses Press. Poop GIFS, exclusive winner’s club title, and video evidence of my freakish chin rash are mine and mine alone mostly because that would be the worst coffee table book for your Aunt Gladys to read ever. And Auntie G has seen some shit in her day. Oh and that link to buy it on Amazon tosses me Amazonian monies.

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