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New Music: Gutxi Bibang "System of a Gun" via

New Music: Gutxi Bibang “System of a Gun”

Remember when rock and roll was a socio-cultural force for change? Same. Though barely if we’re being real around here.

I’d like to introduce to you one of the most unlikely of rock-torch toting artists, Gutxi Bibang. Do not ask me how you pronounce this brilliant man’s name. I’m humbly referring to him as “GB” for the sake of maintaining the illusion that I know what I’m talking about at all times.

An African from the Basque region of Southern Spain (I know, right?!), Gutxi embodies the essence of rock and roll’s musical icons from the sixties and seventies. His sound is so reminiscent of the three-piece rock gods of our time, hellbent on taking the tool and beauty of music and using into to ignite and encourage cultural change.

Take a listen and tell me what you think.

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