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The Night I Chased the Moon

The Night I Chased The Moon

Last night I decided to chase the moon.

I was dead set on punching it across its mouth when I finally got to it but only because, for a brief moment, I found myself in a space of superstition and a very bad mood. Upon realizing there was a full, harvest moon, I convinced myself it was all the space rock’s fault.

It wasn’t until I inched my way slowly, driving miles closer and closer to its bright glow, that it leapt only further away.

More out of reach than it seemed when I began. The prominent luminance causing a slow dim to eventual darkness.

And in a shared instant, my frustration, that unbecoming bad mood of mine, hit its all-consuming apex. A peak that was showered in tears of rage and exhaustion and sadness. A deluge of what can possibly, yet quite poignantly, be the culmination of every emotional, physical and mental hill and valley from the past two years.

Loss. Gain. Support. Loneliness. Success. Defeat. Each ultimately meaning imminent change.

Change is always hard. This is not news to me. I cannot recall a single time in my life where change, no matter the magnitude, was an unwavering experience. Never have I endured such swinging magnitudes of change in such a concentrated period of time either. The reality that I was able to remain rooted in such a way for so long that it is only now that I’m beginning to flake and crumble is equally as terrifying as it is spectacular.

I’m fascinated by the way our minds and hearts work with one other. And even more with how they work against the determined conviction of the other. Some might say that logic will always outweigh passion, but I like to think that it’s the victorious avidity of our hearts that transforms our respective worlds in the most marvelous of ways.

They say to reach for the stars in all you do. We tend, however, to pay very little attention to their brightly beaming neighbor who taunts us with the illusion of welcoming guidance. Closer than the tiny specs that blanket it in a crisp, night sky, it sits only as a reminder that what we so clearly see along our path is only a space in which to settle. A place to rest, to laze about and perhaps fleetingly forget our true destiny. It stops us from continuing on our journey to reach the place deep into the universe that houses every last one of our dreams.

Chase not the moon, for it is loud and enchanting, but the twinkling troth of the stars summons true serendipity.

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