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A Mind Blowing Snack Experience

A Mind Blowing Snack Experience

I have a confession to make.

I am a chronic snacker.

Some may refer to my condition as “grazing” or “having no concept, whatsoever of self-control”. I humbly like to refer to it as chronic snacking, though. It makes me feel better in my heart about all of the Cheetos I shovel into my pie hole.

Rather, all of the Cheetos I used to shovel into my pie hole. (Can we talk about pie for a second? Pie season is quickly upon us and all I start to crave with the turn of the season is pies. I ate at a diner across the street from a place called “House of Pies” today and almost blew my pie load. I also love pie. Pie.)

A friend on Facebook turned me onto NatureBox recently. Then I met Molly and Amy from NatureBox in Chicago a few months later. Now my condition has shifted from a chronic snacker to a chronic healthy snacker.

I won’t go into all of the benefits to your person that NatureBox has to offer, because you can do that here, but I will go into why I’m so impressed and honored to be a subscriber to the box service.

First off, let’s all rise from our desk chairs or uncomfortable wooden coffee shop chairs or roll our snack-loving selves off the couch/bed to offer an ovation to having snack foods delivered to our front doors every month. This business model has proven mighty successful for children’s crafts and beauty products and things for our dogs, but the idea of not needing to remember snack foods at the grocery store every week is kind of the greatest thing since sliced bread. And maybe even pie.

Secondly, this stuff is delicious. We’re still so fresh in the subscription process that we’re letting them send us whatever is they want so we can better cater to our snacking desires in the future. However, they haven’t disappointed us one single time with their choices. Okay, save for the one time they sent us the blueberry almonds that I can’t have because I’m allergic to blueberries, but that’s less on them and more on my lack of desire to stab myself with an epi pen every time I want to enjoy those heavenly smelling nuggets. I’m such a wuss like that, I know. It’s like, “Buck up and do it for the tastebuds, man! What is your problem?!”

Third, they’re dedicated to providing great customer service.

Our most recent box came with their outrageously tasty chia seed crackers and one of the two bags looked liked this:

A Mind Blowing Snack Experience

My immediate reaction was sadness and disappointment. Naturally, I progressed to concern and distress faster than me running for a pie at the turn of the seasons.

What had happened to this poor bag of chia seed crackers? Had their been an intense fencing match in the warehouse one afternoon when this guy met his untimely demise at the hand of a fencing sword?! Was it as malicious and thoughtless as a brush with a box cutter as he was to be freed from the larger shipment and sent to a loving home?!

Turns out they had pirate day at HQ the day these bad boys came in. At the hand of a hooked pirate, he saw his final day. (Or at least that’s what Amy is graciously allowing me to believe in the resolution process. Because I asked her to lie to me for the sake of entertainment. She’s a very willing participant in my weirdness.)

Now’s the time in this harrowing tale that I’d like to point out that all of this discovery and resolution happened over the course of 21 hours. A response on social media 17 minutes after I initially joked about my distress and sadness and an account credit and unscathed bag of crackers confirmed on their way by hour 21. I should mention here that if we’re going to get all “traditional work schedule” about it, the initial attention to the situation happened after hours.

For a small business, this is a classic case of doing it right. Acknowledging your audience, more importantly your customers, is an integral part of developing yourself as a company that’s paying attention. Furthermore, a company that understands the necessity of paying attention to what’s happening around your brand online.

Do I expect a company to be paying attention to me if I’m going off on a tangent after an unpleasant experience in the wee hours of the evening? No. Because that’s what entitled assholes do. If I want to be heard by that company and allow them the opportunity to “fix” a problem I’m having, I’m going to offer them the courtesy of having a fighting chance by engaging on the topic when, y’know, normal human beings are awake. Mostly because I remember that it’s a normal human being who is probably going to be the one responding to me. Mostly that.

Plus I’d rather not be a monster who drives a bus who wants that company to be my personal speed bump if I can avoid it. It’s an abuse of both my voice and the sounding board everyone’s forced to listen to and ultimately the ears I’m trying to reach. Granted this wasn’t a case where someone stole my baby or I’m at risk of losing a limb because of a faulty product, I mean, it was a bag of chia seed crackers, but I’d still prefer to be regarded as a customer with the right to a resolution than a customer who’s entitled to one.

Basically I’m in love with NatureBox because they are delicious, friendly, have a great sense of humor and an even firmer grasp on incredible customer service. Everything I look for in a company I want to throw my money at.

Damn! You Fine Print:

This post was sponsored by great customer service. The end.

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