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Weekend Earworms

Midi Matilda “Day Dreams”

I’m pretty lucky when it comes to the discovery of new and amazing music because I share a bed with the blueprint mastermind for On-Aistreaming. I know, I know. I get jealous of me sometimes too when I realize I surf through the same vein with such awesome. I feel like an “insider” all over again. Anyone else having a hard time shaking the innuendos from ALL OF THOSE SENTENCES?

Now, have I ever told you what a sucker I am for a great video concept? Like even more than whistling in a song? Because I totally am. You could produce a song that consists entirely of armpit fart sounds and belching the alphabet, play that monstrosity to a wondrously composed and directed video and I will start an online campaign to bring back TRL and vote that shit to number one. In the case of Midi Matilda, they have married the best of both worlds. The song is glorious and the video is built to match. Think stop-motion on bath salts that make you less likely to eat a hobo under an overpass and more likely to spiral into a whirlpool of pure genius. Swim trunks are completely optional.

Without further ado, I present to you the song I’ve had looping for hours and hours and hours; Day Dreams by Midi Matilda.

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