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Memory Lane with a Detour to NSYNC-ville

Memory Lane with a Detour to *NSYNC-ville

Remember that one time my friend April and I didn’t understand how radio promotions work and decided to be the only contestants in the “Sleepless for *NSYNC” competition to win tickets to their summer tour when it came through Phoenix run on sentence?


That’s probably because I never wanted to tell anyone about that because dear god how embarrassing but then I stumbled upon the product of hour 18 of sleeplessness. April’s peculiar fan art above proves that  we were obviously lovestruck and very, very sleep deprived.

Let’s also take a moment to appreciate the generosity April gave cartoon-version-Jess’ rack.


Do you have incriminating fan art from your super fan days lying around for people to find when you’d rather die than have them see it ever, ever, ever?

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