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Marvel's Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer

Marvel’s Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer

I have a confession to make: I am a weirdo nerd.

It’s likely you’ve caught onto those attributes about me in separate capacities before, but together? Together the power with which I can be a weirdo nerd is unmatchable.

Particularly speaking, I tend to be quite the closet super fan of superhero lore. I own a pair of leggings patterned with Spiderman comic panels for Pete’s sake. Poor Pete. But what Pete knows for sure is that when I slink into those things, I morph into my full, unabashed fandom.

One of my long time favorite characters in the Marvel universe has been Doctor Strange. The hybrid of the character’s exceptional brilliance in the trade of neurosurgery, the tragedy of his life-altering accident and his journey to seeking a cure for the loss of use of his hands resulting in his ultimate introduction and study of mystic and martial arts I mean…BRAINS! TRAGEDY! MAGIC! NINJA-ISH STUFF! How could someone not be completely intrigued and curious about a story like that?

All that to say that when I heard Marvel would be making a Doctor Strange movie, set to be released on November 4, 2016, I stopped. I stopped square in my tracks. I searched around for a fainting couch that doesn’t exist. And I proceeded to faint where I stood. It was a natural reaction.

I may have repeated that sequence of events when I saw the recently released teaser trailer for the film, starring the insatiable Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange himself.

Now, if you need me I’ll be over here crafting my construction paper countdown chain for the release (it’s currently 203 days from the time of publishing this post…if you were curious) on November 4th.

Do you plan on seeing Doctor Strange when it hits theaters? Do you know who Doctor Strange even is?

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