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Marvel’s Doctor Strange Movie Review

I had the pleasure (and torture) of attending an advance screening of Marvel Studio’s Doctor Strange in early October and couldn’t help but capture some of my initial reactions on camera for you all to see what it’s like to see a female, comic nerd really enjoy something. Oh. Spoiler: I loved it. You’ll see.

The day after this quite coherent review, I sat in on a panel with the cast and crew that you can read more about here.

Here’s a little tidbit review of Marvel’s Doctor Strange

1. The visual effects in the film are incredible.
It’s especially nerve-wracking not to be a skeptic when you hear of a film whose story focuses on the mind’s ability to imagine universes as well as the mystical arts. Lucky for the world, the way in which Marvel Studios brought Doctor Strange to life on the big screen did not disappoint. From the effects during the tutting to the Steampunk like transformation of the universes will leave your mouth agape. I know mine was. I was worried I would live the rest of my life catching flies.

2. The strongest on-screen performances I’ve seen in quite some time.
While the lead is Doctor Stephen Strange, played by the insatiably talented Benedict Cumberbatch, the performances of every member of the cast knocked me off my bum. Tilda Swinton’s role as Sorcerer Supreme (AKA The Ancient One) was chilling, endearing and empowering. She truly embodied the calm that comes with self-control and mindfulness. Rachel McAdams did an extraordinary job as Christine Palmer. She delivered a performance with an impressive level of precision. Pun fully intended. Benedict Wong was the perfect librarian, Wong. Wanna talk about a terrifyingly perfect villain, then let’s talk about Mads Mikkelsen as Kaecilious. I could easily talk about how wonderfully this man owned the villain-convinced-he’s-the-hero thing. Truly nailed it.

3. The story and its message are like whoa.
This story is the perfect addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As you could clearly see in the video, this is the one part of the entire film that I’m able to “keep it together”. The emphasis on setting aside ego and self-serving tendencies to become rooted in presence, mindfulness, goodness and our abilities that are not for the benefit of ourselves but the benefit of others is truly something I can, have and always will be able to stand firmly behind. I did end up bringing my eight-year-old son to see the film on opening weekend. I was not surprised to hear that some of his favorite parts were the more profound moments. And this kid is all about the brute, physical superhero stuff so talk about the power of the messaging there, for fans of any age.

I won’t be that guy and spoil them for you, but I will be kind enough to encourage you to pay attention for a few like Stan Lee and Captain America. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Doctor Strange is in theaters NOW! Click here to find showtimes near you.

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