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Madi Diaz “Stay Together”

I remember the very first time I witnessed the incredible talent of Madi Diaz like it was yesterday. It wasn’t yesterday, it’s been some years now, but it was one of those moments where you’re standing in a venue and the “pin drop crowd” effect waves over the entire place the second the first note leaves the performer’s lips.

That is basically Madi in a nutshell. A very transparent nutshell that you want to place in bubble wrap and a forcefield and carry around with you in your shirt pocket right next to your heart.

Now this particular track, “Stay Together”, is a transporting one for me. It takes me back to the spunky, synth pop days of yore where the music was pure, the melody catches your shoulders and gets them jumping, and the crisp vocals are hypnotizing.

Share the crap out of this one. For sure.

Happy Weekend, Worms!

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