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Insane LUSH Haul [VIDEO] via

Insane LUSH Haul [VIDEO]

I’ve developed a recent obsession with bathing.

Wait a tick. Let me rephrase that.

I’ve developed a recent obsession with bathing products.

As a 5’10” woman, soaking in a bath tub has not ever been at the top of my list of “Great Ways to Relax”. It’s the same idea as shoving ten pounds of meat into a five pound pillow case. Confusing and contradictory and everyone starts to feel quite uncomfortable both physically and emotionally.

Now, just because I’ve taken a newfound liking to the illustrious LUSH offerings, doesn’t mean this cotton-coated meat sac fits into its 95 year old bath tub any better than it did when it wasn’t fizzbanging or butterballing. It has made the contorting much more bearable though.

Are you a LUSH fan? What’s your favorite bath product?

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