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A Lovely Shade of Yellow

A Lovely Shade of Yellow

It’s safe to say that I’m pretty addicted to painting furniture.

Ask Steve, the garage is usually off limits to storing our vehicles because I’m painting something.

Actually, don’t ask Steve. He’ll probably get annoyed on account of how annoying it is to not have anywhere to store the cars.

In effort to spruce up some thrifted finds, I’ve been keeping an eye on what seems like ALL OF THE DESIGN SITES for inspiration. More specifically, I’ve been obsessed with Apartment Therapy‘s Room for Color showcase.

I found this wonderful gem while Goodwill Hunting. Get it? Goodwill Hunting. Like that movie with Matt Damon…no?


Well, I saw some great potential in this little guy so he came home with me that day.

A nice coat of primer, three coats of Behr Sun Ray in a semi-gloss finish, and 4 pewter knobs from Anthropologie and you end up with this beauty, nestled cozily between your grey sofa and armchair. Or I guess whatever color sofa and armchair you own.

And while sure, I’m a little bummed about not being able to plop a darling table lamp or decorative tchotchkes on the table yet because my kid is so small, I’m sure when he’s a bit older and understands that “Mommy will be VERY angry if he breaks {insert nice thing}”, I’ll be able to live to the full potential of my wildest design dreams.

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