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I Thought Lou Gehrig Played Football

I Thought Lou Gehrig Played Football

Let’s talk about the Ice Bucket Challenge here for a minute.

With as much support as the ALSA has received (we’re talking up to $15 million in a few short weeks here, people), it’s gotten just as much, if not more, hemming and hawing across the internet over a variety of things.

Listen closely and you’ll hear some bickering about the waste of clean drinking water.

Personally I’m snobby and over-privileged enough to prefer any and all of my liquid intake on a given day to be iced. Liberally iced. I’m talking a tall 12 oz. or larger glass filled top to bottom with ice and then pouring the bottled water (because yes, I’m also that advantageous about hydrating) or coffee or juice or soda into the cup. So last night, when I was nominated by my friend Jenni, I made the decision to take the ice I would have used in my drinks for the day and put them in a large tupperware container on the counter to melt a bit but still have little cubies floating around when it came time to dump. And then I enjoyed all of my liquids for the day chilled. Not iced. And the cubes I’d have sent down the drain still went down the drain.

Though somehow it felt even less wasteful to dump it on my head than into the sink from a glass, repeatedly.

You may also find yourself reading a “See More” tirade on Facebook about how lazy and inconsiderate and pathetic it is that people are more willing to dump a bucket of ice water on their heads than donate money to help fund research into an incurable disease.

Now, the internet is basically the world’s breeding ground for that game “Telephone” most of us played as kids. The premise of the game is that one person begins the chain of a phrase, whispering it into the next person’s ear and so on until the person at the end of the line says the phrase they heard aloud. It’s almost always completely deformed and off-base from the original message. In this new age of social media, Facebook is the obvious birth canal for the delivery of the misinformation. They’re the end of the line in a playground game. Luckily there’s access to the real ‘rules’ of participating available by making a quick visit to the ALSA website once there’s a wad of panties sticking out of the buttcrack.

Also? Let’s remember that they’ve raised 15 MILLION DOLLARS in a few short weeks as a result. That is a lot of money for “every.single.person who’s dumping ice on their head to bow out of making a donation”.


And most importantly is that people are learning about a disease that’s relatively unknown among the mass public.

My own experience with the disease was when a friend of my sister was diagnosed and local fundraising began to help alleviate the family’s financial burden as well as generate awareness for ALS itself. A disease I thought was caused only by repeated head trauma because my sister’s friend was a football player. And I was an adult at the time and I’m a pretty plugged in cookie.

I can’t tell you how impressed I’ve been with the many young people who have been participating in phenomenally educational capacities with the challenge and offering information that the association’s website has readily available to arm them with. Well-informed awareness is just as important as every penny that awareness has the potential to generate.

So I was nominated. By a few people. And I did it and tried my darndest to include all of the parts I think are important to know.

Please head to to donate today. Bucket of ice water or not. Bananas are also optional.

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