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THAT’S A LOTTA LEG | #AnswerinStuff

I’m baaaaaaaaaaackkkkkk!!

Here’s an entirely new episode of Answerin’ Stuff that’ll make you feel better or worse about your height. Me and my guest, Jenni Chiu of MommyNaniBooBoo can’t be too sure about which way this is about to go for your particular stature situation. ::shrugs::

I asked Jenni to a) sleep in the same hotel room as me on the opposite end of this fine country and b) to help me answer all of your questions about being tall. Because we’re both tall in terms of our female-ness. I prompted you over on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and things. got. weird.

In this episode, we talk about how to mount a horse without stirrups, baby sandwiches, being master yogis, and makin’ out with short dudes.

And here’s one GIF of many from the episode for your interneting enjoyment:

GIFs from #AnswerinStuff Episode 9 on w/Jenni Chiu of Mommy Nani BooBoo

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