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LET’S RIDE THIS TRAIN | #AnswerinStuff

This week’s episode of Answerin’ Stuff, is gonna make you get out your seat and wiggle your pretty little butts!

I asked the dope illy freshest, Roo Ciambriello of Semiproper, to help me answer all the cool crap you guys wanted me to answer about 90s pop culture. I prompted you over on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and did you guys ever ask…

In this episode, I reveal my triplet-sy to the Olsen twins, we throw it back to Quad City DJ’s, hello, Zima, and, as always, Roo gets up to get down in the now infamous banana suit.

Here’s a spoiler GIF of me gettin’ them high kicks right in:


GIFs from #AnswerinStuff Episode 9 on w/Roo Ciambriello of Neon Fresh

If you want your question or topic in an upcoming episode of Answerin’ Stuff, leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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