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Kodaline “All I Want”

We’ve had a bumpy past few months here in our camp and just like the universe is wont to do, Steve happened upon a remarkable band during his time working with On-Airstreaming at SXSW in Austin this year: Kodaline.

The video for their track, “All I Want”, from the In A Perfect World record resonates with a lot of what unfortunately happens in our still imperfect world.

For me and mine, the lyrics paired with the video concept, tells a story of the temporarily disfiguring quality in the face of the tragic loss of our dearest loved ones. Lucky for us, we’ve got a whole heap of love to match the video’s happy ending.

(In other words, grab the box of Kleenex before you press play on this one. It’s beautiful like that.)

Here’s the deets on Kodaline:

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