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Jesskel & Ebert Reviews the Movies

Jesskel & Ebert Reviews Les Miserables

Les Miser-friggin-ables you guys!

“I dreamed a dream of time gone byyyyyyyyyyyyyy…”

While this play has lived on stage for years and years, the silver screen adaptation crossed my path at such a pivotal, existence-altering moment on my family’s life journey.

Jesskel & Ebert Reviews Les Miserables

An intricate story of love and loss, trial and triumph, but most importantly that of a spirit built to complement the endurance of all of those things.

I’ve noted that adaptation films are typically worrisome to me in terms of anticipated enjoyment, but Les Miserables, far exceeded my expectations. Okay, okay…with the exception of the half-assed performance by the super-bloaty Russell Crowe. He was just plain atrocious.

The “behind the curtain” interest I have in the creation process for any art leads me to obsess research the methods that are used to make the final product. Now in an effort to marry the live-performance experience with a silver screen production, all of the audio (which was 100% singing) was recorded in-scene. Meaning…lavalier mics and earpieces for keeping time and absolutely no lip-syncing and then plopping the audio over the scene in post-prod. SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAT?! I know that there are a lot of people who feel this took away from the “movie experience” but I believe it took it to a whole new level.

So…Jesskel gives Les Miserables forty-seven thumbs so up it’s bananas.

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